Saturday, August 31, 2013

Denim Duo

School is back in session and looking back on days like this are what make summertime the subject of daydreams while listening to my oh so interesting professors. Azure skies lent inspiration to our denim influenced outfits. I'm wearing a peplum top that I found at Foreign Exchange, tucked into my favorite faux denim skater skirt from Nasty Gal. I belted the look together with a vintage belt and believe it or not, shoes from Payless! The simple gold bracelet that I'm wearing is from Nordstrom.
Caley's floral cut out tank creates a feminine look, paired with cutoff studded shorts. She found both of these pieces at LF, the extremely addicting boutique in Laguna Beach! They're actually in the midst of summer sales right now! I can't wait to go down there this weekend. Definitely thinking about making a beach day out of it too :) The sandals she's wearing are the ultimate summer staple item, purchased at UrbanOutfitters.

On another note, my 21st birthday is coming up and we're planning a Vegas trip, naturally. We'll be taking tons of pictures while there, some probably finding their way to this blog. The pictures might be a little crazy, but our outfits will be fabulous. Stay tuned <3 -G

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bathing Beauties

Hey babes <3 Today on Red Lips & Retro Prints we had the opportunity to go back to Newport Beach in sunny California and show off our sexy suits while getting our tan on. Woo! Killing two birds with one stone! Anyways, I have been obsessing over these bottoms I got on Karmaloop , made by Lolli. They fit so well and are totally flattering, while being totally hott. My top is from American Apparel,which I had to buy just 'cause!! Geena is wearing a bathing suit of her own from H&M.

As much as we'd like to live in our bikinis, we had to be a little on the conservative side and wear coverups. Mine is from Planet Blue and literally could not be a better beach coverup! It's sheer and light, goes with every bathingsuit imaginable, and looks great with bronzed summer skin. Geena is wearing a coverup from Free People and is equally light, summery, and oh so perfect for this exact occasion. This summer has gone by way too quickly. I thought it was just be because I've been working a lot, but I've recently been told that quick summer's come with age. What a horrible tragedy! To never have a care-free summer again definitely caused a tear to shed. However, with so many good things in my life right now, if that's the biggest of my worries, I think I'm doing okay. 

As summer comes to an end in these next couple of weeks, don't forget to check back with us here at Red Lips & Retro Prints for some light reading when the new school year begins! xoxo -C


Sunday, August 4, 2013

First Post Frenzy

Hey guys, we are so excited to finally launch our first post on Red Lips & Retro Prints!  I intern at Lucky Brand, Geena nanny's for the two cutest little girls, and even with our busy schedules we've been frequenting sample sales like nobody's business, and still finding time for some drunken nights with friends. Ipso facto, these last few weeks have been insane for us with planning and basically losing our minds to the sake of this launch. But after much deliberation, shopping, and procrastination we are thrilled to bring you our First Post Frenzy:

 Geena and I spent the morning here in beautiful Newport Beach, California. In this post I am wearing the most beautiful dress I got at an event in Hollywood a few weeks ago made by Akiko. This cocktail dress made me look & feel like a Greek Goddess :) I love this look because it's simple, but super elegant. My heels are brown leather made by Via Spiga. A big thank you to my boyfriend who came out with us to shoot these amaze photos and to everyone supporting us and our mission to bring you the best styling and trends. -C
Absolutely fell in love with the colors of this mini the second I saw it on Wasteland! It's so easy to throw on with some chucks or dress it up a little more with wedges (mine from Shoedazzle). This bag has handsomely survived hell and back. I drag it almost everywhere I go. I just recently took a trip to Japan where I was forced to pack about 50 extra pounds of luggage in this thing. Thank you Michael Kors for creating a bag that can keep up with my crazy life! -G 

Love you all, and please stay tuned for our upcoming posts,
 including a pretty hot one in our Lolli and H&M bikinis!

Caley & Geena