Saturday, September 28, 2013

As Elvis Presley once said, "Man, I really like vegas". After going for my very first time, I couldn't agree more. Vegas is definitely the place to do your 21st birthday right! It was a wild weekend to go, especially since the Mayweather fight was taking place at the MGM. Not to mention the fact that we managed to see Diplo, Calvin Harris and Avicii all within two days! I don't think we ever stopped dancing or drinking...absolute time of our lives. 


Our first night out, I sported this royal blue plunging top paired with a skirt that i bought at Luna B,  and we must not forget the Jeffrey Campbell's. I stumbled upon these fabulous shoes at a Wasteland sale. They immediately screamed "VEGAS" to me. My ring is also from the Wasteland sale and the bracelet is from Lucky Brand. Caley is wearing a crop top from Luna B along with shorts from American Apparel. I love her Tori Burch bag. It's such a great staple piece. Last but not least, her sparkly shoes are from Baker's.

The pool parties were by far my favorite thing to go to in Vegas! So this picture took place after we were drenched by bottles upon bottles of champagne. This is one of those times that you just cant complain about getting your hair wet! Here, Caley and I strike a pose at the Encore pool party with Avicii. I'm so in love with this bikini that I found while shopping at Victoria's Secret. Caley is wearing the cutest high waisted bottoms and bikini top from American Apparel.

Now that it's officially fall, stay tuned for some adorable Autumn outfits! -G

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Outfit Envy

After the long weekend, I had to take a moment to reflect on the awesomeness this past weekend contained. I had the pleasure of going to the Orange Circle Street Fair on Friday and Sunday, and on Saturday me, Geena, and Kirsten (our old roommate) went out to the bars on 2nd Street in Long Beach. Let me just be the first to tell you, it was insanity. 
Geena is wearing a super cute pair of shorts from Luna Ba basic white tank from forever ago, an adorable bag from Vanessa Mooney, and shoes from Steve Madden, and I am wearing a gorgeous dress I recently got from Urban, a vintage Louis Vuitton that my mom recently passed on to me, and I accessorized with three necklaces, two from Tiffany's and one from Urban. Nights like these are what make me excited for this upcoming school year. Our first week was last week, and from what I can tell you, this semester is probably going to be a pain in my ass.. Wish me luck babes <3 Love you all
xoxo -C